Our Story

Our Impact

At Fifteen Five, we believe there is a better way to do business, and that is through Public Benefit Corporations (PBC). PBC's are allowed to consider the public good as part of the company charter in addition to maximizing shareholder profit. So, Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to the purpose above that or equal to the shareholders. Allowing to encode this into the companies DNA is a very sexy concept for us, and we think its one of the greatest capitalist inventions ever. We are not some non-profit that wants your money to save the world. We want to create value for customers, shareholders, and society. We're excited to rapidly grow and compound our intrinsic value so that PBCs touch every citizen and help make tomorrow better than it is today.

Our Inspiration

We like to copy best practices and we find inspiration from others. If we had a Mount Rushmore for much of our inspiration we would carve the faces of Warren Buffet, Jack Stack, Jorge Paulo Lemann, and Paul Newman into the mountain.

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Our Name

The Fifteen Five in our name is inspired from John 15:5. We feel our people are the branches and our companies are the fruit, and the name is very fitting for our mission and our holding company structure. You can see this in our logo, which has five grapes, and its connection to a branch that makes fifteen turns. The partners in our name are for the spirit of partnership we have with our team, shareholders, and society.

Core Values


Make an impact

  • The purpose of our
  • lives will exceed our lives

Continuous Improvement

  • We are never settled,
  • and we all strive to grow.

Make a Ruckus

We pick fights and disrupt industries. Change is coming.


People First

A cohesive team is the only long-term competitive advantage in business. Our people are our most important asset.


Dream Big

We have huge dreams for our company and each of us individually. We all continuously improve.


Stake in Outcome

We think and act as owners. We win and lose together as a team.